Cutex Nail Polish, 1941 – “Tops for Flair and Wear”

Cutex ads are found all through the pages of my vintage magazines. The company produced the first nail tints in 1914, and the first liquid nail polish in 1917, and from those early years all the way up through my 1950′s magazines Cutex ads are plentiful. I’m rather happy about that, because their old ads tend to be some of my favorites.

A pretty vintage ad from 1941 for Cutex Nail Polish.

In this ad from the July 1941 issue of Mademoiselle magazine, we are informed of the “Sweet Fingertips” collection. The ad lists all the available nail polish shades (or “favorite sweets”) in this collection:

Old Rose

The ad also states that:

“Beaux gather like bees around a honeypot – when nails are sweet with the new Cutex Lollipop or Butterscotch. One’s rich red raspberry, for blues, pinks, neutrals – one brown-sugary and sun-touched, to spice up yellows and greens.”

As in the above excerpt, Cutex ads often tended to tell the reader which shades would work best with certain colors of clothing. In an older entry on this blog, you can see another Cutex ad from 1933 which goes into more details about color matching.

At the time of this ad, in 1941, Cutex nail polish cost ten cents in the United States, and 20 cents in Canada.

The slogan was “Cutex – Tops for Flair and Wear.”

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