“There’s a Meal in Every Muffet,” 1927

“Have you heard about Muffets? Not to know them is to miss the most delectable, the most versatile, the most nutritious of cereal foods.”

Ok, I admit it. I had never even heard of Muffets cereal. But this ad had me so curious that I found myself searching around the internet to see if I could find out more information about it. Sure enough, I did, but most of the information came from people in Canada – it seems that Muffets cereal is still sold there! It looks like the cereal comes in circular rounds of whole wheat, and that a serving size is 2 of them, which makes it clear these are not the small little pieces of cereal we’re accustomed to.

Speaking of the ad, here it is – I found it as I was flipping through the pages of my September 1927 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal.

Muffets Cereal ad, from 1927

From the text of the ad:

“Muffets are wheat – WHOLE wheat. Nothing is added; nothing is taken away. The full-flavored, sun-ripened grain is cooked, crushed, rolled out into ribbons, wound into Muffets, and toasted. What a delightful new taste to round out your menus for every meal!”

And be sure to look at the recipe suggestions – including Muffets with Creamed Vegetables, and Muffets for Luncheon (which actually calls for the addition of pimientos, onions, and mayonnaise). In fact, the ad claims that “There’s a different way to serve Muffets for every day of the week; for every member of the family!”

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