Heads High – Backs Straight, 1942

According to this great article in the April 1942 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal, “A gallant carriage indicates a gallant approach to living.”

Therefore through pictures and instruction, the author gives us some easy methods to improve ourselves through poise and posture.

Improving the Throat Line, 1942 - from thevintagesite.com

“Bubble blowing is one of the simplest, and prettiest, exercises for flexing the throat and lifting the chin. Blow big bubbles – lots of them – then blow them about in the air, stretching the neck this way and that, until every tense muscle is used. Strong, limber muscles carry heads high, keep chins well up and make lovely young throats.”

Posture is the beginning of poise, 1942 - from thevintagesite.com

“For posture is the beginning of poise. With chin up and spine properly aligned, everything else falls into place.”

Posture, 1942 - from thevintagesite.com

How to make a shadowgraph of yourself, to check your own posture.

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