New Lamps for Old, 1928

“Nothing could be more charming and restful than the soft moonlight glow of frosted paper. The diffusion of light is almost perfect; one can look directly at an electric light bulb behind this paper with no feeling of glare.”


Vintage 1920s art deco lamps made of frosted paper and ivorine.


This article, and wonderful illustrations that accompany it, are from the December 1928 issue of Woman’s Home Companion magazine. All of the lamps were designed and painted by L.V. Carroll. I love the art deco look of these lamps; they all scream 1920′s to me. I am including here a transcription of most of it. It seems that the lamps were made of frosted paper as well as ivorine (imitation ivory).

“Frosted paper, a practically non-inflammable material imported from France, is so lovely in its light effect and texture that no further decoration is required. It can be used with lamps and fixtures of any period, yet is so new that it will fit into the most modern of modernistic interiors with the advantage of being distinctly  “different.” In delightful combination of the shades illustrated ivorene has been used, which has a soft warm amber glow when it is illuminated.”

“Both frosted paper and ivorene are easy materials to work with and can be bent or folded into almost any shape and form of lampshade. The fixtures that the artist has experimented with are of the simplest construction. With a little ingenuity and ability with carpenters’ tools anyone can make them by following the patterns and directions which are offered below. The electric fittings can be bought at any electrical store.”

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