Holiday Greetings! From Jell-O, 1929

“Ye Time-Honored cranberries, make way… For this gorgeous new cranberry dish! Different, from the first bite to the last quivery morsel that you round up on the last wisp of lettuce!”

I don’t know, that part about the “last quivery morsel” doesn’t sound all that appetizing to me. Yet I really enjoy this vintage ad from Jell-O. The colorful illustrations are great and the whole ad just seems very Christmas-y.

The holiday ad was found in the December 1929 issue of McCall’s magazine, and includes recipes for Cranberry Mold (besides Jell-O, made with celery, pineapple, cranberry sauce and lemon juice), Cider Jelly, Plum Pudding (this one actually contains Grape Nuts cereal!) and Bavarian Date Slices (with almonds, dates, and marshmallows).

A vintage Jell-O Christmas ad from 1929 with recipes

If you would like to try serving one of these old-fashioned Christmas Jell-O recipes, they are all fully provided in the ad above so just click on it to enlarge. Remember, as the ad claims,

“Everyone can eat Jell-O. It’s one of the easiest foods in the world to digest!”

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