Vintage Art Deco Fashion from 1929

“The aim of every smart woman this season is not, as in some seasons past, to look very much like her smartest friends, but to look as different from them as possible.”

This is how the December 1929 issue of McCall’s magazine chooses to describe the elegant fashions that are highlighted for this season.

“New Collars are a ‘Dressmaker’ Detail”

Art Deco fashions from 1929

The descriptions I am providing here all come directly from this vintage article. The following is the text that accompanied the above illustration:

“The loveliest French fashions are ‘dressmaker’ clothes, individual styles in contrast to frocks that can be turned out by the dozen. Among the many details employed to give a frock this ‘dressmaker’ look are collars cut cleverly and adjusted with the personal touch that individualizes any frock.”

“Paris makes Youthful Frocks for All Ages”

Art Deco fashions from 1929

“Almost every important silhouette in the decidedly new fashions is a youthful one, but the frocks in which they appear are not limited to young women. Along with the youthful lines there is also a tendency to introduce sophistication by means of intricate cut, jabots, flounces, subtle flares and longer skirts. The models that result from this attractive combination are frocks that can be worn by women of all ages, but tend to make anyone look youthful.”

L’Echo de Paris

Finally, the last illustration contains one of my favorite vintage dresses, the blue one on the top worn with the black hat and the fur stole (labeled as number 5925).

Art Deco fashions from 1929

“No. 5925. The hemline of an afternoon frock dips in three points, and the skirt is joined to the top in a pointed line.”

I hope you enjoyed these timeless 1920′s styles just as much as I do.

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