“Look for the Red-and-White Label” – Vintage Campbell Soups, 1911

Campbell's Soups

Pure, wholesome, satisfying


“These soups make me feel
Like a well-filled ‘Bologna’,
A state that’s as great
As my own Arizona.”

At first glance, this vintage Campbell’s Soup ad (found in the September 1911 issue of The Delineator magazine) seems like the type of old ad you’d glance over quickly for a minute, smile maybe, and go to the next ad.

But the more I looked at it, the more fascinating it became to me. I love the homey little scene of the couple eating dinner (I just wonder which variety of Campbell’s soup it was) and the activity in the background (I still don’t know what is being carried up the steps and why). I didn’t know what to think about the silly little poem (printed above this paragraph) that the Campbell’s Soup Kid presents at the bottom of the ad!

But the part that caused me to unknowingly spend so much time studying this ad was the list of 21 varieties of soup. The first thing I noticed of course was that very few of these are still offered for sale by Campbell’s today. And many others were so unfamiliar to me that I couldn’t help but research to find out what exactly they were like. I found out that Mulligatawny is a curry flavored soup, and Printanier is a spring vegetable soup, for instance. Just in case you are as curious as I was, I typed up the list of flavors below and, for some of the more unfamiliar ones, I included a link to a website with information on that variety so you can read more. And this link – Canned Soups – is great because it looks like the text of a question-and-answer article from 1926 with a lot more information. I hope you enjoy. And if you have any more info or stories about any of the varieties below, please share them here!

1911 Campbell's Soup Varieties

21 kinds 10 cents a can

Chicken Gumbo (Okra)
Clam Bouillon
Clam Chowder
Mock Turtle
Mutton Broth
Ox Tail
Pepper Pot

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