“If you have not bobbed your hair…. stay at home!” – 1926

Bobbed Hair, 1926

She takes short hair for granted and has long since found the cut that best becomes her.

No one in Paris has long hair

“If you have not bobbed your hair and have no desire to catch the fever, stay at home! No one could survive the fascination of the shorn locks in Paris and London. I think I have not seen smarter bobs anywhere than at a supper-dance in the Piccadilly Grill. As for Paris and Deauville – well, I have not seen one smart woman with long hair since I landed.”

These strong words are from the February 1926 issue of McCall’s magazine.

As anyone familiar at all with the 1920′s knows, bobbed hair was huge during this time period. Flappers were known for their bobbed hair styles, and before long women of all ages had adopted the shorter styles. Of course, at this time Paris was seen as the center of fashion, and it makes sense then that this article claims that is where the short bobs first took hold.

Here I have taken sentences from this fascinating article, and compiled a list of helpful tips for short, bobbed, flapper hairstyles. I’ve also added the beautiful illustrations by Mary MacKinnon, from original sketches made in Paris by Paul Teche. Enjoy!

Short Hair, 1926

Keep your hair well trimmed.

1) Carry a pocket-comb.

Comb the back of your head with your back to the dressing-mirror and a hand-mirror in your hand. And comb it in the direction your wave follows.

2) Only the woman with classical features can stand the severe coiffure,

the center part, the straight hair draped over the ears. Most women need a soft wave to frame the face, and the wave generally accepted now in Paris is a wide one, confessedly hard to hold but – the fashion.


Ears are fashionable again!

Ears are fashionable again!

3) Ears are fashionable again!

You must show at least half the ear; to be truly up-to-date, the whole ear.

4) For the center-back:

If the neck is slender, cut the hair with scarcely a suggestion of a point; if the neck is short and rather full, the decided point narrows and lengthens it; if neither one nor the other, follow the natural way your hair grows.

5) Keep your hair well trimmed.

There is nothing more unsightly than a ragged neck line.

Short Hair, 1926

Most women need a soft wave to frame the face.

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