Tempting Dishes for Hot Weather, 1900

When I think of food I make in especially hot weather, salads, pasta, and sandwiches come to mind. In other words, meals with the least amount of heating necessary.

That’s why I was so mystified by reading this article full of recipes from the August 1900 issue of the Woman’s Home Companion magazine. It’s actually titled “tempting dishes for hot weather”, yet just about every single one of the recipes involve an oven or stove. In fact, one recipe – for the deviled chicken legs – requires frying in hot fat! I can only guess that the recipes are meant to tempt people to actually want to eat when the summer heat takes away their appetite, rather than being easy on the cook.

Vintage Recipes for hot weather

Cauliflower in Cases

The photo above is for the recipe called “Cauliflower in Cases“. Here is that recipe:

Separate cooked cauliflower into small flowerets; add one tablespoon of flour mixed with one tablespoonful of butter to one cupful of hot milk; cook till creamy; season with pepper and salt; fill paper cases with the mixture, as shown in illustration; sprinkle fine egg-yolk over tops; place egg white rings and water-cress on each; serve hot.

Vintage Recipes for hot weather

Potatoes with Cheese

Here is the recipe for Potatoes with Cheese:

Put one-fourth-inch slices of pared, boiled potatoes in a deep baking-dish with pepper and salt, cover with sweet cream, place a layer of grated rich American cheese on top; bake twenty-five minutes in moderate overn; garnish with slice cucumbers.

If those two meals don’t strike your fancy, you can try Tomatoes Stuffed with Macaroni:
Vintage Recipes for hot weather

Tomatoes Stuffed with Macaroni

“Select a number of fresh ripe tomatoes that are smooth and firm; scoop out the seeds, and fill cavities with cooked macaroni; add salt, pepper, a bit of butter, a little Parmesan cheese, and bake thirty minutes in a hot oven.”

Finally, here is the final recipe I’ll provide here. It’s for Deviled Chicken-Legs.
Vintage Recipes for hot weather

Deviled Chicken Legs

Cut cooked chicken-legs open so as to remove tendons; brush with butter, sprinkle over each a speck of minced parsley, celery, onion-juice, dry mustard, salt and grating of nutmeg; press together, dip into beaten egg, then in bread-crumbs, and fry in hot fat; serve with sliced tomatoes.

Here is the complete list of recipes that were provided in this article:

Deviled Chicken-Legs
Lobster a la Bisque
Wax-Beans a la Creole
Pigeons on Rice
Tomatoes Stuffed with Macaroni
Potatoes with Cheese
Cucumber Fritters
Frozen Pudding
Clam Cocktails
Cauliflower in Cases

Vintage Recipes for Hot Weather, from 1900

I would highly recommend reading over the rest of the recipes – just click on the thumbnail above. It’s very interesting to look at these old recipes from another era. And maybe it’s a chance for you to try something new!

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