Easy, Magic Recipes – 1928

What shall I do?

What shall I do? What shall I do?

“Into each life some unexpected guests must fall! …To every woman must come those moments when, standing helpless in the middle of the kitchen floor, she feverishly repeats: “What shall I do? What shall I do?”

“For moments like this we offer these magic recipes. Easy to make… quick and easy almost belief! And — take our word for it!… sure to succeed.”

Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk would like to reassure women everywhere that they have the perfect solution for what to do when visitors show up out of nowhere.

Because of course, you have to feed them! In this vintage ad which appeared in the October 1928 edition of the Woman’s Home Companion, Eagle brand presented four quick and easy recipes that were guaranteed to be a success. I have mixed feelings about the four of them, but I present them here so you can judge for yourself:

Magic Recipes, 1928

The Magic Recipes

The one that probably tempted me the most to try it (which may actually happen) is the “Cherry Cream”.

1 1/3 cups Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk; 3 tbsp. lemon juice; 3/4 cup maraschino cherries cut in small pieces; 6 tablespoons maraschino cherry juice; 1 tsp almond extract.

Into condensed milk stir lemon juice. Mixture will thicken. Add cherries, cherry juice and almond extract. Blend well, chill and serve.

Gourmet fare it isn’t, but it does sound like it could be refreshing on a hot summer day and also a perfect idea when your pantry is almost bare and you don’t feel like running to the store.

The mayonnaise without oil also fascinates me, mainly because it must turn out to be awfully sweet. I suppose it would be used on jello or fruit salads, or perhaps it might be closer to Miracle Whip.

Whether or not the recipes are any good, I love the picture of the stressed out housewife that accompanied this ad!

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