Vintage Party for April Fools Day, 1912

In years gone by there were countless reasons to throw a party. Why not April Fool’s Day?

At least the April 1912 edition of Ladies’ Home Journal thought this was a great idea.

Vintage April Fools' Party

All the foolish treats you’ll need for a vintage April Fool’s Day Bash

On the page I have posted above, there are numerous little dishes that fit the “foolish” theme of the day (although many of these seem a little creepy to me). Pictures are above, but here are your options:

“Dunce-cap creams are ice cream cones filled with whipped cream containing chopped nuts and candied fruit”

“Fools’ caps are hot potato cones filled with minced creamed chicken”

“The All-Fools cake is a mock cake holding nonsensical flavors”

“The ‘Haystack’ is an ice cream hidden in browned cocoanut”

“Apple Fools” are baked apples with meringue features and caps”

“A ‘Jester’s Stick’ is one of candy with tiny bells attached, while a candy wafer supported by four ‘jackstraw’ candy sticks forms an edible table that holds a dunce cap or other place-card. Nut meats may be hidden under the cap.”

“‘Cooky Clowns’ are decorated with white icing and chocolate applied with a brush”

“‘April Apples’ are scooped apple shells filled wth a vegetable or fruit salad”

Finally, here is a photo of the decorated table that party guests would enter the room to find. The “April Fool” part was that all the food was disguised so that it looks like there is nothing there to eat!

April Fool's!

April Fools Day table with all food hidden

“On the April-Fool Table no article of food or service is visible. The pointed caps hide croquettes, the knives, forks, and spoons are wrapped in napkins and stood upright, and the ‘gold bricks’ contain bonbons.”

So there you go! If you’re looking for an original vintage, old-fashioned party idea, it’s the perfect time to put this one into practice.

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