A Personality Test from 1939

Personality Test from 1939

“Have you ever scored yourself on good grooming, everyday beauty habits, and your charm and disposition? We offer three kinds of score cards: Everyday Reminders, Last-Minute Check-Ups, and Your Charm Analysis. Be honest and check your rating. Nobody needs to see your score but yourself. If you’re not satisfied with your record, put the score card away, and come back to it in a month or so and see how you’ve improved. No girl can make a perfect score, but it’s amazing how a very little improvement will give you much more confidence and poise.”

This is the introduction to a personality quiz (the article bears the title “Your Personality Score”) that was found in the February 1939 issue of McCall’s magazine. The magazine invites you to find out your “personality score” based on three sets of questions. These are not what we might think of when we take a personality quiz in a magazine for fun today; these seem to reflect more on how concerned you, the reader, are with personal cleanliness and image. But you can see for yourself. Here are the three sections full of questions, along with what your results say about you.

Let’s begin with section one, “Everyday Reminders.”

1939 Personality Quiz

Everyday Reminders

This section of the test includes questions like, “Do you brush your teeth nightly?” “Do you always carry a clean powder puff or clean cotton fluff to apply powder?” and “Do you give a thought to your posture at least once a day?” For this part of the quiz, a score of “40 or under needs real work, if you expect to be dainty and attractive.”

Moving on, part two concerns “Last-Minute Check-Ups”:

1939 Personality Quiz

Last-Minute Check-Ups

This portion asks how many things you watch before going out, such as: “Does my slip show?”, “Are my stocking seams straight?” and “Is my nail polish chipped in places?” If your score is less than 10, “watch yourself.”

Finally, here is the third and final part, “Your Charm Analysis.”

1939 Personality Test

Your Charm Analysis

In this last section we must answer questions such as “Can you show off your bureau drawers to a visitor, any time?”, “Have you learned not to interrupt a conversation?” and “Can you face the fact that improving your looks and adding to your charm is entirely up to you?” “If you can’t honestly answer “yes” to at least nine of these, you had better make a closer analysis of your personality traits.”

So, how did you do?


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