A Vintage Bridge Party, 1923

Looking for an original party idea, with a bit of a vintage twist? Then perhaps take the suggestion of the November, 1923 issue of the Woman’s Home Companion magazine, and throw a bridge party!

Bridge parties, where people would get together and eat and drink and talk while playing bridge (a card game played with four people), were very popular for many years. Today you can recreate these parties with a version of your own, using the recipes and decorations from the article I’ll be sharing here. If you can’t play bridge, go ahead and substitute with a card game you and your friends are familiar with. Follow along here with some words from the article:

Throw a vintage bridge party! A guide - at thevintagesite.com

Vintage Cookies and Sandwiches with a Playing Card Theme

“The recipes given here are sufficient for sixteen people, and the dishes may be served at four card tables with very little trouble.”

Two sample luncheons for your bridge party

Two sample luncheons for your bridge party

“For making biscuits, sandwiches, and cookies, large and small cutters and tins in heart, diamond, club, and spade shapes will be found practical and effective. If cutters are not available, draw the shapes of desired size on a piece of cardboard, lay them on the food to be shaped, and cut around them with a pointed knife.”

Here are a list of recipes found in the article. If you are interested in any of them, you can click on the scanned pages at the very end of this blog post to read them all.

Ham Hearts
Bridge Biscuits
Ginger Ale Jelly Salad
Layer Sandwiches
Pineapple Mint Cocktail
Crabmeat and Eggs in Paper Cases
Stuffed Mushrooms
Neapolitan Charlotte Russe
Ham Salad Sandwiches
Guava and Chocolate Sandwiches
Chocolate Filling
Chicken Salad with Pineapple

Pierrot Decorations

Pierrot Decorations

“A color scheme of black and red on white is not difficult to arrange. Pimientoes, red color paste, and various fruits will provide the hearts and diamonds; truffles, mushrooms, ripe olives, and chocolate may be used for clubs and spades.”

As stated, here are scans of the complete article where all of the above mentioned recipes can be found. Just click on the thumbnails for a full page view:

Bridge Party Recipes, 1923

Bridge Party Recipes, 1923

So gather up some friends, get our your best vintage apparel, head to the kitchen to whip up some vintage snacks and drinks, and you’ll be all set to throw your own vintage bridge party!

Article and pictures from the November 1923 issue of Women’s Home Companion.

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