Fashions with a Dual Personality, 1942

“Like a clever woman, every really good costume has at least two faces.”

In the April 1942 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal, we find an article presented by the then-Fashion Editor of the Journal,¬†Wilhela Cushman. The article was entitled “Your Favorite Has a Dual Personality,” and the drawings are credited to “Luza.” Cushman was a long-time editor of the Journal, from the mid-1930′s up until the 1960′s, so most likely we’ll be coming across other examples of her work in future blog entries.

Here, she offers us four different looks so that the reader can choose her favorite. The common ground is that all four of these looks can be worn in two different ways just by a change of accessories.


Four examples of vintage 1942 fashion found in the Ladies Home Journal magazine.

Here is the explanation for the top outfit in the scan above:

“If you love frills, your favorite will be the navy-blue crepe bolero dress – inspiration to the most practiced chameleon.”

And concerning the outfit on the bottom:

“If you like your suits simple and your colors strong, this purple one offers you the chance of a springtime. Doll it up with a muff and hat of violets, from Braagaard.”


Four examples of vintage 1942 fashion found in the Ladies Home Journal magazine.

Top outfit:

“All things to all women – a simple silk dress and wool jacket, converted again and again to her own purposes by her own sweet will.”

Bottom outfit:

“If you simply love a long coat to wear with many dresses, your favorite can be this sophisticated green over a printed dress.”

I love looking at all the gloves, hats, bags, shoes, sweaters, jewelry, and jackets that the article shows us to change each outfit around a bit. I think my favorites would have to be the wonderful costume jewelry, like the poodle and the butterfly which I would be more than happy to wear now! Regardless, there is a lot to see and appreciate here for any vintage fashion lover.

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