Fashion and Your First Job, 1950

“Up to now, you’ve dressed with more haste than care for eight-o’clock classes, and with considerably more care for eight-o’clock dates. Now you’re looking for a job, or you have a job. Your clothes will help you, or let you down.”

Fashions for Work from 1950

The August 1950 issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal magazine contained an article full of stylish fashions for a young woman’s first job (or her job search). I am so impressed by the elegance of the clothing here; everything seems quite timeless and beautiful. The items suggested in the article were based not only on looks, however, but on price – after all, for a young girl just starting out, she most likely did not have a huge budget for clothing. That is why the author makes suggestions such as:

“Use your wits and save your well-earned dollars by having a plan that includes: a suit and a jersey dress in gray to wear with any known color; two or three velvet hats – they cost so little; cotton shirts in white or autumn colors; cotton gloves; a big gold-and-crystal stickpin that goes on beret, bag or collar.”

Fashions for Work from 1950

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but I really like the outfit in the top photo, the gray suit with yellow blouse and gloves and a smart red purse; the black two-piece dinner dress in the photo below is also stunning.

Fashions for Work from 1950

The article goes on to say:

“You’ll indicate your fashion knowledge by the cut of your suit – perhaps a box jacket, slim skirt, though walking ease in skirts is always permissible. You’ll remember, or learn, that a jersey dress is the easiest keeper, and a natural for old or new belts and scarves. August weather calls for a silk or rayon-crepe dress, summer weight, fallish color. A black dinner dress is forever the necessary jewel. Your coat for everything can be a bright color – red or bittersweet this year.”

Fashions for Work from 1950

It’s rare that I find a vintage fashion spread without one or two really bad outfits hidden among the others, but this is one of the cases where I actually do like every single choice. Good job, Ladies’ Home Journal!

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