Best & Co., 1958

“Best’s Watchung Welcomes Summertime!”

best and company, 1958

“We’re simply bursting with fresh and complete stocks of exciting new warm weather fashions from classic sportswear and swimsuits to lovely silks. It’s always a pleasure to shop at Best’s where the service is prompt and courteous, where outstanding quality and value are traditional.”

All of the illustrations in this entry are from a little vintage catalog I have from Best & Co. This catalog is from the Summer 1958 collection and was sent out from the Watchung, NJ branch of the Best & Co. Store.

best and company, 1958

Both by glancing at the fashions and by doing some research online, it is obvious that these are not high-end, cutting edge styles nor are they meant to be. Rather, it seems that Best & Co set out to produce practical clothes for real women while still embracing the trends of the day. If like I was, you are unfamiliar with this brand, I would recommend reading this Best & Co. Chronology, as well as at the Vintage Fashion Guild, both of whom had some good information.

best and company, 1958

Drip-Dry Separates by Majestic, 1958

The descriptions given for some of the drip-dry separates listed above:

A1 – “Field Flowers” on an Everglaze sheer cotton bariste shirt; roll sleeves and small Puritan collar. White with geranium pink-and-blue combination. $4.95

A3 – “Polka stripes” convertible collar sleeveless shirt of “Sildara” (dacron and viscose). White with geranium pink or white with porcelain blue. $4.95

Here are some choices in blouses:

best and company, 1958

Blouse Beauties for Dress and Casual Wear

Notice that some of the brands available here include Jane Holly, Dotti Originals, Mattique, and Yolande.

best and company, 1958

Summer’s Festivities need the Feminine Look

best and company, 1958

Young Cosmopolitans Relax in Casual Separates by Loomtogs

best and company, 1958

Sunshine-Bright Cottons

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse at some typical 1950′s women’s fashions.

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