Elegant Gifts featuring Vintage French Fashion

Vintage French style tends to be elegant, timeless, and always fashionable. So many people like vintage French decor that it’s hard to go wrong with such a gift! Of course, there are so many things for sale out there made of cutesy, modern versions of these illustrations; but as always I prefer to go back to the vintage originals when I search for my picks. Here is just an example of some products you can shop for that feature authentic, antique, vintage French illustrations taken right from the gorgeous originals. If you see a design that you like, chances are it will be available on a wide variety of products such as shirts, cards, bags, and more.
Amusez-vous bien!

Custom Printed Calendar Historical French FashionCustom Printed Calendar Historical French Fashion

Vintage French Ad from 1910 PostcardVintage French Ad from 1910 Postcard

Vintage Poster, French, ChampagneVintage Poster, French, Champagne

Vintage French Magazine Cover with Horse Riding Spiral Note BookLe Miroir de Modes Magazine Notebook

Vintage French Fashion Illustration ~ Le Vase PostersVintage French Fashion Illustration ~ Le Vase Posters

Vintage Art Nouveau French Fashion Cover PosterVintage Art Nouveau French Fashion Cover Poster

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